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ForceAllowCaveFlyers=True Empty ForceAllowCaveFlyers=True

Post by Tiffzilla on Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:54 pm

As we all know, flyers, by default, are disallowed, by the game, to fly into the caves, despite the fact that most caves can easily fit a Pteranodon, and even some an Argentavis. However, with the aforementioned server setting enabled, flyers can be flown into caves.

Noting that that the server currently has that setting disabled, I propose that we fix that, and allow our beloved flying friends into depths of the caves. If one looks down below, they would note that I have listed the numerous benefits for allowing flyers in caves.

Wonderful Benefits!

  • Easier navigation of caves!
  • Easier leveling of Argentavis and Pteranodon!
  • Easier to obtain artifacts!
  • See that sexy Arthropleura, surrounded by an orgy of Araneomorphus? Pick the thing up, and tame it in that taming pen you worked hard to build!
  • Attacked in the lava cave? Pick up your attacker and see how well it can swim!

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