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All about Ragnarok Empty All about Ragnarok

Post by Kisston on Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:22 am

A good number of people have asked me and wondered if we as a server will change to the new DLC map, Ragnarok. I have spent quite some time on the Ragnarok map, getting to know it. After much walking and flying and swimming i have found there are many pros and cons to the map.


1: Unfinished. Half the map is blocked by a big sparkely barrier! This barrier can be disabled and on the other side is the desert area, and only source of cactus besides the recently added aloe plants in the sandstone canyon areas, as well as a vast empty southern highland looking area. This map is still in developement and building in the "work in progress" areas of the south would most likely result in losing your base and dinos when the area updates.

2: Performance and loading issues. Some players experience lockups, poor frames, crashes or a failure to load the map all together! Some cannot even get the download for the DLC to work, but often this is because they had an older version of the map when it was a mod.

3: Dangerous beaches. Starting on this map is much like starting on scorched earth, if one is not prepared to be mauled, mugged and eaten right off the bat than the experience can be quite frustrating. A lot of the recommended spawns can have higher tier threats on them, from the basic raptors up to packs of allosaurs and rexes.

4: Throw items at your own risk. I have found that some areas if you drop an item it phases into the ground and dissapears, I havent done any breeding but this may include eggs both fert and non. There are also sections of the map where the ground texturing and collision dont mesh well, and you may find yourself inexplicably inside the terrain. This is usually escapable simply by walking out of the area but unnerving nonetheless.

5: Lighting issues. While most the map is beautifully done some areas have extreme lighting, whether intended or not i do not know. Most noteabley is the jungle cave in the mountains west of viking bay. Inside it very quickly goes black, no gamma setting can let you see and even torches barely make a dent, the cave under the castle east of the bay is likewise very very dark. On the other end the desert is very bright, but this seems intended to simulate the glaring of the harsh desert sun.

6:Mod compatibility. Some mods dont react well to Ragnarok, causing lag or crashing servers. This mostly is an issue with core mods like ARK Eternal or Extinction Core but some other dino mods have also had problems. The devkit not having updated for a long time only compounds this issue, and with each new update to the main game this gets worse.

7: No ascention. This map lacks the tek cave found on The Island, so just like Scorched earth and The Center leveling past 100 isnt possible unless a future update to this map adds a tek cave. Boss arenas however are available for unlocking tek tier items.

8:High level dinos! A lot of the dinos spawn at higher levels, so starting out its harder to find a "quick tame" of a reasonable level. Also the occurance of more higher levels in packs of predators makes them even more dangerous. This also makes taming in general far more dangerous, as some areas if you knock out a dino the chance it will be eaten while tamed is quite high.

9: Explorer notes. At this time Ragnarok only has explorer notes available if you use a mod made for the map. Looking everywhere there are no explorer notes to be found on this map without this mod or a future update to the map.


1: Shiney! New map, new opportunities, sights and adventures! Discovering the beautiful landscape is definitely one of the highlights of my research of this map.

2: Resources. Resources are plentiful on this map (cactus sap being an exception) and some literally litter the ground. Sticks, thatch fronds, lumps of clay, mounds of sand, wild carrots potatoes and rare flowers can all be hand gathered like stray rocks or berry bushes. No more punching trees to make that stone pick! Metal is also spread all over the map, so finding it is as simple as going around the corner in most areas.

3: Lots of building space. Ragnarok there are a lot of terraced areas, flatish spots, caves, outcropings, rock bridges, platues, beaches and plains areas to make epic base locations, there are also more types of trees and formations that redwood tree platforms can be placed on!

4:Dino Diversity. Ragnarok boasts a wide variety of animals, from the standard fare found on The Island to the heat loving Scorched Earth creatures, it also boasts some unique creatures! Griffins and ice Wyverns grace this map, adding a fantasy vibe while also seeming a natural fit in the landscape. Horses and Sheep are far more common on this map, and some cave dwelling species have found life on the surface to their liking.

5: SE engrams. Ragnarok unlocks all engrams as if it were Scorched Earth, letting all engrams be available. This means that leveling up you will have to spend your engram points wisely with a greater selection of engrams to now choose from.

6: Volcano that erupts! Some days the volcano on Ragnarok will erupt, showing off a geological display of power... and riches! The lava bombs that land around the crater can be looted for metal, obsidian and crystal, but they dont last long after landing.

7: High level dinos! The same high levels that make it hard to start are marvelous for those that only tame the best of the best. Somehow a higher percentage of the dino population spawns at high levels, making trophy tames even easier to get, making it so you can be more picky with color, stats or gender.

8: Deep Oceans. The oceans of this map are deep, dark and full of wonders. The map creators spend a lot of time making areas of the sea unique and wonderfully sculpted. Exploring the sea with its many dropoffs, deep trenches, interesting geologic formations and caves was both terifying and wonderful, and the coastlines have many areas that suit well for seapens to house your finny friends.

9: Future possibilies. I stated above that this map is incomplete, and while that limits play now it means a whole new world will be opening up in the future of this map. A vast desert, island archipelago and more are being worked on, granting more new resources and epic base places for all!

          In my opinion this map is amazing and a wonderful change from the standard map we have all grown to know and love... or loath. Let us know how you feel about this map, if we should change or stay where we are, or pipe in some pros or cons i may have missed. Smiling

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All about Ragnarok Empty i don't want to totally start over

Post by TALONstrike913 on Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:32 am

if we can download are creatures and a few of the good utility engrams im mostly fine with it ive never even tamed a giga or a mosa because of the last server wipe starting from scratch again in terms of creatures is something i really really don't want to do again. personally id rather wait until the maps done a new map sounds cool but unfinished sounds well unpleasant. so that's my point of view on this subject Neutral

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All about Ragnarok Empty Re: All about Ragnarok

Post by AnimalV87 on Tue Jul 25, 2017 6:23 pm

I'm Currently at the point where i'm ready to fight the bosses and would like to finish the game on the server. I've seen YouTube videos on Ragnarok and it looks good.

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All about Ragnarok Empty Re: All about Ragnarok

Post by early on Wed Jul 26, 2017 6:50 pm

I think its a good idea to move to ragnarok. as is it's as big as the island and is also going to expand. also being a new map i feel like it'll be more attractive to more players.
PS. would like to transfer my dinos.


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All about Ragnarok Empty Re: All about Ragnarok

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