to many liopleurodon ?

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to many liopleurodon ? Empty to many liopleurodon ?

Post by TALONstrike913 on Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:56 am

so would it be possible to turn the spawns of the tamable liopleurodon down a bit ? there a bit wonky both my now dead ichthyosaurus and my just survived megalodon with around 5200 hp and 350% + damage both got stuck on them and their health seems a little too high it took my meg more hits to kill a lvl 15 lio than it did to kill a lvl 120 turtle never mind the 120 lio that i was stuck on,  i mean i saw more lio's than icthy on the west coast.  its great to have a tamable version but maybe a spawn rate closer to that of the pleso would be a bit better at least until the mod has the health a bit more balanced and the issue with getting stuck on them worked out.

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