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Server Rules & Guidelines! Empty Server Rules & Guidelines!

Post by DefectedZombie on Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:45 pm

Server Rules

questionable stealing (such as accidentally killing someones dino they are taming, farming a resource someone else was.)
Calling someone Derogatory Terms,
Making fun of someones religion, race, gender
any form of instigating
Blocking Resources

Base Blocking (land claim, base/land planning or border mapping is acceptable but using foundations to block another player from building or being in the area is not any land claim dispute should be directed to admin who will sort them out, if you are found by admin as base blocking its considered a rule break.)
Blocking Caves
Purposely Blocking Resources

Dino Claiming
Base Claiming
Property Destruction (if a demo timer or claim timer is up report it to admin do not touch it yourself)
Killing Another Player's Tames

(This list will continue to grow as needed or seen fit!)
Any rules from the list of rules above broken on the server will result in a punishment, however we will not simply ban any player for merely breaking a rule, instead we will be following a Permanent Record System where strikes and punishment will be given, but can also be worked off before ever reaching a state of a perma ban. We believe in giving you guys the ability to have a fair system in which you can bounce back from giving you the ability to earn second chances. Below is the guidelines to showcase how the record system will work and what it all means. All players will start with 'No Record', and players will only attain a record upon breaking a rule.


Strike to Record = StR

Offenses: Offenses will be given when any rule in the lists above are broken. When an Offense is given the rule that was broken is written down next to their offense level on a players individual record, the severity of the rule determines the severity of the offense.

First Offense; Warning + Direction to this page to review the rules & guidelines, Start of record.
Second Offense; Warning + 1 StR
Third Offense; 1 StR + a 1 to 3 day suspension + Loss of Privilages
Forth Offense; Final StR + Week Long Ban + Community Service
Fifth Offense; First Long Term Ban
Final Offense; Perma Ban

Monitored; This means you are being watched by admin and known to cause trouble and need to have an eye kept on you.
Parole; means you are known to be a repeat offendor who has received punishments and need to be kept under a much closer watch by admin and be checked up on regularly.
Flagged; means you are known for having a record but you have handled your record and case in a way that shows a growth and maturity that has regained the trust and support of admin.

Punishment Record: The punishment record showcases the progression of punishments that will be given per offense level. A Players offense level is determined by the amount of Offenses they have committed. The Severity of Offenses will factor into time of suspensions and other punishments.

Offense Level 1; This is the start of the record once this level is given it cannot be removed, this is as low as your record will ever be, once you get a record you keep a record.

Offense Level 2; At this level you will be closely monitored from this point on, and will receive your first strike, at this level admin will become far less lenient about behaviors.

Offense level 3; At offense level 3 you will receive a 1 to 3 day suspension depending on the severity of offenses cataloged up till this point. Upon your return you will not be able to ask for admin favors, such as lost or dead glitch dinos, or glitch lost equipment, will not be able to use, or have access too the Admin Public Hatchery, Adoption Center, Shop and Weekly Dungeon Runs or Special Events.

Offense Level 4; At Offense level 4 You Will receive a week long suspension. Upon your return you will be required to perform Community Service. As well as keeping all previous punishments, (Community services will be designed by admin, these can be tasks of helping your peers gather or build structures or pens, helping your peers tame dinos, helping admin with tasks such as finding abandon bases or performing fly overs and cataloging current players.)

Offense Level 5; At offense Level 5 Admin will place a ban on you disallowing you to get on the server for a long period of time depending upon the severity of the offenses that lead to the ban can result in either a 3 to 5 month ban upon which the admin will set what will be a possible return date for the player in which at that time or beyond that date the player can request a return upon a trial basis. This request can be denied for several factors, and a return isnt always guaranteed. Upon a request the player will work up with the admin to be assessed to be determined if they are truly serious about returning vs, just wanting to come back to have one final shot to cause problems. This assessment period will be a week long and worked on, on a case by case basis, between admin and player.

Final Offense Level; Offense Level 5 can and will only ever be attained Once, anytime after that that level 5 has become achieved it becomes 'Final Offense Level' at this level it is 100% perma ban with no return capabilities, even if the server is wiped and we start fresh with a different provider and everything else this information will be kept and transferred over as well as given to BIS, there he will make any further decisions about letting you on any of his other servers should he choose so. In the case of a DReduction+ (See Below) Level 4 or 3, should you have an offense while in the status of DReduction+ Level 3 or 4 instead of returning to Offense Level 5 and since Reduction level 5 doesn't exist you will be moved immediately to Final Offense Level.
(Note; if you didn't reach Offense Level 5 before starting a reduction pathway and are Reduction Level 4 or 3, you will be removed from the reduction pathway and immediately bumped up too Offense Level 5 with 3 to 5 month ban intact. However the fact you where on the Reduction Pathway when you earned Level 5 will play a factor about whether or not you can return.)

Record Reduction Path:
Note; A Reduction Level is different then an Offense level and will be marked accordingly so upon a record. A Player can only start a reduction path after hitting Offense Level 3 (upon request). Should a player request a reduction path admin will discuss the players case and determine whether or not to allow this request, this is not a guarentee, and will be entirely dependant upon the severity of previous offenses, any offense after your record has been reduced will cause you too skip an offense level, so if you've reduced your record down too 2 and perform an offense instead of going to level 3 you will be bumped back up to level 4. *See Double Record Path

Reduction Level 4; In order to have this level reduced you will need to spend 4 months on good behavior/parole, performing community service, and following every rule.

Reduction Level 3; In order to have this level reduced you must follow 3 months of good behavior/parole, at this level community service is optional, if you choose to continue to perform community service your time sentence can be reduced by 1 month

Reduction Level 2; Here you will regain your ability to attend events, use the admin facility's, perform the weekly runs, you will be moved from parole too 'monitored' status, in which admin will start to give you more trust and breathing room again upon the server.

Reduction level 1; At this level you will regain the ability to ask for favors from admin, and will have rearned admins trust, you will go from being 'monitored' to 'flagged' meaning your known for having a record, but have proved you have learned to follow the rules.

Double Record Pathway: When you enter a reduction pathway, if you break a rule or gain an offense while on a Reduction level, the rate of progression through Offense Levels is doubled. Below is an example of a player Record Card,
*Note; under level to indicate when a player has had a jump in in progression their reduction level will change from standard 'Reduction Level' to DReduction+

Player/Tribe/Steam Name: Roger/GooseCookers/Dingoflop
Status: Monitored, Parole, Flagged
Level: Offense/Reduction/DReduction+*
1 Rule/Severity
2 Rule/Severity
3 Rule/Severity
Ban/Suspension Time: 2-3 Day
Start/Return Date: 4/25-4/28

When a Player is on the Reduction Pathway and have attained any level 1 through 3, but happen to commit an offense while on a reduction level, they gain a boosted double level jump.

So the jumps would go as follows...

Reduction Level 1 - DReduction+ Level 3
Reduction Level 2 - DReduction+ Level 4
Reduction Level 3 - Final Level/Level 5 (if not previously attained.)

At any point if you get DReduction+ it is not considered the same as Reduction, and is considered a double offense so regardless of your level, you lose all privileges and immediately are put on Parole Status after a set time you can have the DReduction+ removed upon the removal of DReduction+(think of it like a negative status effect,) you are given the retrospective Offense Level and removed from the Reduction Pathway. So if your at DReduction+ level 3 after the set time is up you are put onto Offense Level 3 (suspension included), you can try and reattain the Reduction Pathway, however you can only attain DReduction+ once.  So if you cause an offense while on the Reduction Pathway for the second time it will result in an instant Boost to 'Final Offense Level' (*this includes even if you never attained Offense Level 5, because at that point you will have had your second chance.*).

*An example of this would be, let's say Roger wound up attaining Offense Level 3 he goes onto the Reduction Pathway, manages to get his Reduction down to 2, however while at Reduction level 2 has another offense, he then would be bumped up to DReduction+ Level 4. He spends the time to get off of DReduction+ gets his Offense Level 4 and Week long suspension and then returns, after hes return he makes it back onto Reduction Pathway, and gets back down to Reduction Level 2, once here he has once again another offense, however this time because he already attained DReduction+, he immediately is moved up too 'Final Offense Level' even though he never reach Offense Level 5. (Depending on the case and severity of the Offenses and entirety of the case special requests can be given or asked for in the case of people who havent ever hit Offense Level 5. if all their offenses where on the small scale a final chance maybe given per admin choice.)

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