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Post by Doggles on Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:11 am

me and dolphin are donating to the server with a kibble farm around 50.50 if any one else wants to donate the farm just hit us up
you will need to bring your own jerky and oil but every thing else like eggs, Mejoberrys and crops you can use we should have this place done by the end of the week we just need the dinosaurs for eggs

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Kibble Farm  Empty Re: Kibble Farm

Post by Cymas on Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:37 am

I know this is an old thread but if the kibble farm is still up and operating, do you have a list of animals you need? We're updating our tribe's kibble tames and could potentially have some to donate by the end of the week or so.

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