Please stop pulling the server without notice

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Please stop pulling the server without notice Empty Please stop pulling the server without notice

Post by Cymas on Thu Jul 07, 2016 8:19 pm

I am aware that updates and many other important things require the server to be taken offline and updates applied. But please, can we have a minimum amount of notice before the server is pulled to apply these various updates? Usually it's not an issue but over the last few days the server has been pulled without warning more than once.

Server crashes and freezes are a normal part of Ark life and while not convenient, we're all used to them by now. We've all lost stuff to server related bugs.

That does not make it ok for admins to yank the server when people are playing on it without even the slightest warning. People could be flying, or underwater, or hatching an egg or any of a dozen other extremely sensitive activities, and given that it is already well established that items and animals will not be replaced, it's at best discourteous for such a thing to be done.

I request a minimum of a 15 minute warning, given in 5 minute intervals up to the time of the server going offline, in order for people to get to safety and secure anything that needs to be secured.

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