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Post by Cymas on Thu Jun 23, 2016 8:04 am

Where to even begin...? There's a huge poostorm about titans being temporary tames so it's going to take longer than usual to collect any meaningful data, but here's what I have so far.

Server Note: To allow your Server's Titanosaurs to be permanently tamed (namely allow them to be Fed), launch your server with this commandline option: ?AllowRaidDinoFeeding=true However, note that TheIsland currently only spawns 3 Titanosaurs whatsoever, so 3 Tamed ones would ultimately block any more Wild ones from spawning.

Titan Saddle: 170 EP, level 95 Engram
Mats: 4000 Metal ingots, 4000 Hide, 1600 Cementing Paste, 2000 Fiber

Titans do not level up. In fact, level does not matter at all, they all have the exact same stats. They also have no color variations.

Titanosaur stats:
HP: 150,000
Stamina: 2,000
Oxygen: 600
Food: 8,640

Carry Weight: 50,000
Melee Damage: 100.00%
Speed: 100.00%

Torpor: 944,000

Titans spawn in most/many areas of the map including herb island and the edge of the snow.

Titanosaur taming: Cannons and catapults to the face, when it goes down put a saddle on it to tame.

Redwood  biome spawns: megaloceros

Gas Mask: 110 EP, level 95 Engram
Base Mats: 220 Polymer, 85 Crystal, 10 Absorbent Substrate
Repair Mats: 12 Polymer, 5 Crystal, 1 Absorbent Substrate

Absorbent Substrate: 60 EP, level 95 Engram
Mats: 8 Black Pearl, 8 Sap, 8 Oil

Wooden Tree Platform: 28 EP
Mats: 1600 Wood, 200 Metal ingots, 600 Cementing Paste, 600 Fiber

Metal Tree Platform: 55 EP
Mats: 1800 Metal ingots, 1400 Cementing Paste, 600 Fiber

Rope Ladder: 5 EP, level 30
Mats: 15 Wood, 140 Thatch, 180 Fiber

Tree sap (tap): 30 EP, level 50 (crafted in Smithy)
Mats: 100 Metal ingot, 40 Cementing Paste

Chain bola: 30 EP
Mats: 65 Metal ingot, 2 Obsidian, 10 Cementing Paste

Used only for healing herbivores, not a taming food.

Wild titan spotted!

Patch 243 spawn commands

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