Ark Server Forum Rules! (Read Before Posting!)

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Ark Server Forum Rules! (Read Before Posting!) Empty Ark Server Forum Rules! (Read Before Posting!)

Post by DefectedZombie on Mon May 16, 2016 1:21 pm

Follow the General Forum rules.
Read those here...

As for our Server Forum rules.

Respect Server Admin, No Public Arguments with Server Admin, If you have an issue with Admin take it to private message now that we have a PM system for that!

Please try to keep all server related topics in this forum, if you have or want to discuss anything outside of the server please do that on the general forum. That is what this area is for...

Before posting make sure you read the rules both here and in the above mentioned forum.

Please try to use the designated area's for what they are set up for. If you are unsure where to post something or what the different sections are or are for, check the Forum Guide. The forum Guide can be found in Rules & Guidelines. There are two forum guide's, ours for the server, and one for the general forum.

Before posting a question in the FAQ make sure your question hasn't already been answered. As questions are asked and answered they will be added to the sticky list or general FAQ. So you don't have to go searching through tons of topics for them.

In Ark Community Discussions please make sure you keep these about the server specifically as mentioned above, there is a entire section for non related forum topics and discussions.

All polls are accepted however please do not make polls that are about opinions based on admin's, or other players. Also you guys are more then welcome to create votes about server related issues example: dino disappearing, but just cause a vote count is high remember its up to the admin to decide what route of action will be taken, if a suggestion about the issues is made with the vote the admin may then take it and put it to an official vote to move forward with said issue.

Please do not use the advertisement section for anything but in game BIS server specific things. (i.e. No outside server advertisements.) If you absolutely wanna post or advertise other servers there is a section on the main forum for you to do so, that also include advertising servers for other games also check it out.

In the suggestions forum please do not publicly call out a specific person or admin, suggestions should refrain from being about specific people. This section is for things such as changes you guys would like to see about the server. (Not Staff Related. All Issues about staff should be handled privately.)

Any and all grievances whether staff related, server related, or player related, should be handled through admin and the PM system. Public grievances will be seen as instigatory or flaming and be removed or locked.

Lets try to keep this a nice and positive environment! Lastly but not least HAVE FUN!!!

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